School History


Greenlight High School was established in 2011 to cater specifically for girl’s Secondary education at O-level and A-level. Registered on 20/11/2011 with certificate on incorporation number 415625.

Historical background

Gender and enrolment in schools.

The education system in Tanzania has expanded in primary School, Secondary School and university enrolments in the past 20 years; however, the demand for girls education has increased.

Statistics shows that the ratio between the male students and female students varies in enrolling both genders in Secondary Schools. Where as the ration between Government School and private School alter.

Gender and culture aftermath in education

The general feature of Secondary education in Tanzania is that of sex ratio favoring boys. The reasons for this is entrance competition due to the shortage of stable secondary Schools, early marriages for girls, the needs of girls to assist mothers with homestead domestic chores, parental passiveness, a prevalence of unwanted pregnancies, cultural suspicious and fear of the effects that education will have on their daughters.

Gender and policy of the country.

Tanzanian’s constitutions advocates for equal rights between men and women; however Tanzania is a signatory to the global convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against women (CEDAW). In 1992, Tanzania established a policy on Woman in Development, and has since actively promoted efforts to re-align the gender bras in all warks of life.

The goals set in the Tanzania Development vision 2025, that envisages a situation whereby “ALL Tanzanian’s of all races, gender and creed will be living in a substantially livelihood”, will be compromised if the gender imbalance in educational, poverty Eradication strategy (NPE”S) and the Agricultural sector development strategy (ASDS), which recognize women, have a dynamic, economic and leadership role to play in nation building.


Within the light of gender and culture aftermath in education; gender and policy of the country, the Greenlight High School was established as a centre to cater specifically for girl’s Secondary education in O-level and A-level and it has the following aims and objectives.

- To establish and run Schools, colleges and other educational institution.
- To act as a holding organization in the provision of education for women at various levels of nursery, primary, Secondary and university.
- To organize and carry out research, training workshops and seminars for the advancement of knowledge of women in areas seen to have knowledge and information gaps in public or private or both.
- To fulfill the above main objectives, the Greenlight High School has embarked on building and registering a girl’s Secondary School located at Madale Mivumoni kwa Mwenda. It is 6 Kilometers from Tegeta Kibaoni stand-off Bagamoyo Road just after Wazo Hill Cement Factory in Kinondoni district.
- To provide quality holistic education for self reliance.
- To be a model institution nurturing the mental, physical and spiritual faculties for self reliance
- To inculcate spiritual virtues for character development so as to attain excellent academic performance.
- To provide excellent quality services to all stake holders.
In compliance with the requirement of the National Educational Act (number 25 of 1978 Section 26 (03)). The Greenlight High School was registered as a non-government School and its permitted to run and manage form one to six.

Greenlight High School.

Greenlight High School is a campus style, girls boarding establishment opened to the public in January, 2011.
By enrolling form I students and enrolled its first form V students in June, 2017.
The School have been specially designed by top archtects and build to the highest construction standards.
Greenlight High School takes care to minimize the stress of the first time girls student boarder by providing a high degree of security, comfort and good food, through these three provision we believe are essential for any good learning environment. The Greenlight High School is conscious of and sensitive to the problems and barriers that girls face during their Secondary education. Thus the School buildings and curriculum have been designed to offer them maximum educational opportunities in a secure, calm and sheltered environment.